I guess it all comes down to what you believe in.

I was about three or four weeks into my unconventional rehab when I started questioning for the millionth time if the next consistent sunrise was something I wanted to see. Like most addicts, I burned my fair share of bridges chasing those once prescribed pills, making it difficult for me to find a job and a place of my own to live. My brother must have realized I was having those dangerous thoughts again because that’s when he told me this story.

 Like most of the stories he liked to tell, this one took place in a small town somewhere during what was considered the worst drought the town had ever seen. Noticing everyone in the town was a little more than frustrated, the preacher told all his parishioners that next Sunday’s service would be held in the parking lot, where they would use the power of prayer and belief to end the drought. The following Sunday, everyone gathered outside just like the preacher had requested. After a few minutes of walking through the crowd, the preacher took his place in front and told everyone to just get in their cars and go home. Since they didn’t believe that prayer would work.

A little more than angry over questioning everyone’s belief, the group began yelling at the preacher they hoped would help them end the drought. One guy even threatened him bodily harm over what the preacher had just told them. With a little bit of a grin on his face, the preacher asked the angry crowd one question “If you all believe in the power of prayer so much, why is it that no one brought an umbrella?

Now I’m not telling you this story because I think you should run to the closest church and find god. After all, that relationship is between you and him. No, the reason I’m telling you this story is that, as an addict, I know how hard it is to believe in anything, especially yourself! So don’t worry about who believes in your recovery; only you have to. Besides, no one has more faith in you than me


I hope this helps your friend in recovery

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