Be Greedy its okay you're allowed to be

One of the things I always hear when someone is trying to motivate an addict to get clean is  “Do it for your so on and so forth whoever loved one”, and even though I agree that a “so on and so forth whoever loved one” is a great motivator. I also think it’s the stupidest thing you can ask anyone in recovery to do. Now before you or that whoever loved one gets a little upset over that statement allow me to explain why I feel this way
First, I think it’s pretty fair to say that when we try to do things like quit smoking, lose weight, so on and so forth for someone else. Most of the time it doesn’t quite work out like we had hoped simply because the most important thing needed to complete any of life’s little goals is missing and that’s WANT. I mean let’s be honest who wouldn’t rather do something they WANT to do instead of something they are ASKED or TOLD to do. So, do it for yourself and no one else after all the only person in your life that will spend from the first second you are born until the second you die is YOU.
The second thing to remember is that YOU are no longer that person you were before addiction. That person is gone and is never coming back. You are now a lifetime addict the only difference is whether you are using or not and nothing else. With that being said YOU must also understand that people in your life will see you the same way it doesn’t matter if you have been clean 10 minutes or 10 years someone somewhere will always remember you as that person who maybe stole, lied, or cheated them leaving you to always trying to justify everything you do which is a terrible place to be and just like the old saying goes “If you’re going to get the grief, might as well get the glory”. This doesn’t make them bad people it just makes them human.

So remember in recovery YOU must be YOUR top priority and no one else

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